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2019年 8月 27日 Toshin Global English Camp 2019!!

Hello!Today’s blogger is Hayashi.


 I took part in English Camp for 5 days.

I want to tell you about that.


What is Toshin Global English Camp?


1.A workshop program designed to help you improves your ability to express yourself in English. 

Through discussions and presentations with interns, Japanese students will develop their ability, attitude, and courage to proudly share their thoughts and opinions by expressing themselves in English.


2.An opportunity to contribute to discussions on global issues

Japanese students will participate in discussions with interns regarding world issues, some of which have been debated at the United Nations. This experience will be a great opportunity for students to look at issues from a global perspective.

3.A chance to think about your Life Mission

Through discussions on global issues, participants will have the opportunity to think deeply about how they can contribute to the world and what they want to achieve in life. In short, they will examine their “Life Mission.”

(Reference:TOSHIN GROBAL ENGLISH CAMP 2019 Student Textbook)


My impressions

At first I was very nervous because  Im not good at speaking English.

However I was gradually used to speaking English for interns kindness.

It was really really really good experience for me to give presentations in public and discuss in English!

If you want to study in the future or want to work abroad, you should definitely join English Camp.


↑The person wearing the blue T-shirt is an intern.

His name is Adip.

He is Harvard student.

He is very kind and funny.


Next blogger is Mr.Murakami!!

See you next time( ´ ` )ノ